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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

(84) In the Beginning: Creation vs the Big Bang

God did not use evolution to create man.  See Creation vs Theistic Evolution for that explanation.  But did God use "the Big Bang" to create the entire universe?  Before we answer that question we have to understand and define what the two sides are.  Straight from the American government and its NASA program comes the following definition of the "big bang" theory:

  • The big bang theory is the theory that the universe started from a single point, and has been expanding ever since.
This is not to be completely connected with evolution for they are two totally different topics.  They are as different as light and mass, or literature and comprehension, or equations and properties, or war and industrialization.  They are related topics but different units, if you will.  Although those who believe in one  of the theories stated tend to believe in the other on a scientific note.  One of the main points that needs be stressed in the word "theory".  Just like evolution, the big bang is only a theory. Both are backed with scientific data including observation, that is limited observation.  Some of the data are facts and some are inferences.  Nevertheless we are now given both theories as though they are scientific law.  Simply put, everything that we know comes from one single event, one single point in time, from one single place and has been expanding ever since.  From nothing comes everything.

The other theory (creationism) straight from the Godly government and its Biblical program comes the following definition of creationism:
  • In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
This also separate from the creation of man but not completely on this one.  See how it works already?  Man comes from the earth, physically, so they are connected but perhaps created differently.  This theory though is not accepted nor treated as even a theory but as a "religious" idea, legend/myth, or ancient belief.  These are backed up with faith and observations, full observation this time.  What you see is your proof, all creation is a witness.  Before there was anything that we know, there was God.  God created all that we have, know, and even things beyond our comprehension.  But how?  Out of nothing:  see The Dark Side.  Out of nothing comes everything. Sounds familiar.

These two ideas do coincide with each other.  Science meets God.  And since God created scientific laws then that works as well.  At once all three things that science says make up the universe (time, space, and matter) are mentioned in Genesis.  Such as in the beginning is when time started.  The heavens is space.  And the earth is matter.

In one instant, before we can measure what an instant is, God created everything from one place, from one event, from one moment.  The "big bang" theory holds.  But God did it.


No Doubt said...

Boy...we could have fun with this one, but I will leave it alone for now except,

"B'reshit bara Elohim ha shamayim ha erets."

Translated into English...

In the Beginning, God said BANG and it happened. :-)

Paul G said...

Yes Tim, the big bang is only a theory, just like the theory that the Oxford Dictionary came into being by an explosion in the printing-factory. :-)

And Yes, out of nothing comes everything, but not without the Lord Jesus.
Apart from Him nothing came into being (John 1:3).

Tim said...

"the Oxford Dictionary came into being by an explosion in the printing-factory"

That's funny Paul.

No Doubt said...


Man! I love you bro. But, sometimes your arguments lack the apple to apples comparison requirement for a logical conclusion.

Your example is like comparing a leaking fuel cell on the challenger space shuttle to a baby pooping her diaper.

With that said, it is funny.


Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

Tim said...

Thanks Jerry. I always thought so :)

Tim said...

Amazing how I was right...

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