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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(78) Thanks for What?

As this holiday approaches many tweets are going out about giving thanks to those around you.  That is perfectly fine to do.  Many people deserve our thanks and gratitude for being part of our lives and making who we are today.  They are there to help us through those rough times and laugh with us through the good ones.  But even with all they do no one will ever compare to what Adonai gives us.
  • So that I could be healed, His body was wounded. (Isaiah 53:5)
  • So that I could prosper, He came as a carpenter and lived in poverty. (Mark 6:3)
  • So that I could live with dignity, He lived in humility. (Phil. 2:3-7)
  • So that my heart wouldn't be broken by this world, His was torn into.(John 19:34)
  • So that I could get through weakness, He became my strength.(Romans 8)
  • So that I would not be a slave to sin, He became my freedom.(Galat. 5:1)
  • So that I would not be deceived by lies, He became my truth.(John 14:6)
  • So that I could lift my head, He bowed His on the cross. (John 19:30)
  • So that I could feel like a son, He became My Father.(1 John 3:1)
  • So that I could be made perfect, He became my sin.(2 Cor 5:21)
  • So that when I am hungry, He became my bread. (John 6:35)
  • So that I could have peace, He was chastised. (Isaiah 53:5)
  • So that I could wear a crown of glory, He wore a crown of thorns. (Matthew 27:29)
  • So that I could live, He died. (The Bible)
Giving thanks for friends and family is needed.  And if you have a good fellowship with both friends and family you are blessed.  But even if you do not, you have One who is there for you.  The real thanksgiving is not about living in a country full of temporary freedoms but living in a Spirit that is full of everlasting freedom.
Thank you Jesus.


Brenda said...

Amen to all you have said Tim. I had heard of thanksgiving day but I thought it was thanksgiving for the Lord. We don't have it in Wales.

Tim said...

History is confused about the whole thing. Most traditional history says that the first settlers (Puritans from England) had a dinner to give thanks for the new life and perhaps to the Lord and that they had the dinner with the Native Americans. Over the years since Americans are less religious and even less Christian than they have been mostly use the day to give thanks for things in their life. But you and I know that all good things come from God. It was not an actual holiday until much later. Of course nowadays Thanksgiving in the US is used for early shopping discounts for Christmas. Do you have a day in Wales that takes time to give thanks for things?

Brenda said...

Not really Tim.
The only day of celebration in Wales is saint David's(or Dewi Sant as he is called in the Welsh language)day on the first of March. He is classed as the patron saint of Wales and part of what is known about him is that he was one of the early saints who helped to spread Christianity among the pagan Celtic tribes of Western Britain.

Paul G said...

Amen Tim!
Good post and comment to Brenda.

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