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Saturday, August 31, 2013

(71) Names of God, Revisited

One of the most read lesson on this site is  http://ideasoftimbible.blogspot.com/2010/01/31-names-of-god.html.  It explores the meanings of some of the names of God that we see from the Bible.  Some of those names mentioned were these:
  • El Shaddai- God Almighty
  • El Elyon- God Most High
  • El Roi- God that sees
  • El Olam- The Eternal God
  • YHWH Jireh- God provides
  • YHWH Rophi- God that heals
  • YHWH Nissi- God is our banner
  • YHWH Shalom- God of peace
But there is something that kept coming to mind that was missing about these names.  It wasn't in the differences between Latin and Hebrew versions.  It wasn't in the name actually at all but it is in the verb that stands with the name.  These verbs are present tense.  They are not past or future, but present.  That means that God is not the God of the past.  We can thank Him for what He has done of course but He is not the God of the past.  He is not the God of the future.  This is not to say that He has nothing to do with the future or that we don't have to care about our future eternal life.  He is the God of the present.  We live in the present.  He cares about us now.
The best name for God is the one He gave Moses.  I AM.  Notice it is not "I was" or "I will be", but I AM.  Sure, this also means He transcends all time and that time is meaningless to Him.  But, with God there are always two meanings, one spiritual and one physical.  This also means He is here with us now.  So, when we say His name as Jehovah Jireh, we are not saying God will provide.  We are saying God is providing!  God will not heal, God is healing!  God will not give us peace, God is peace!  When Isaiah said that by His stripes we are healed it is not saying that we will be healed. It says we are! God provides our daily bread. God sets us at peace every morning because His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23).  If we believe then we receive.
Too many times we pray God if you will, when we should be saying thank you God for what you are doing.  This is why Jesus told us to pray as though you have already received it (Mark 11:24).  He is doing it now.  This may show why sometimes things happen at once and others take time.  We are in the process of receiving these promises that God will not forsake us.  We live day by day.  Our faith grows day by day.  Our faith struggles if we have to wait for the results.  The strongest of faith knows it is already done.  But sometimes our faith goes through hard times so we can see the glory of God when time reveals.  This is hard to do since we live in a physical world and our senses deceive us.  We rely to many times on what we see, but we are not suppose to walk by sight but by faith.  Faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).
Jesus' name is also Y'shua Ha Mashiach which means Jesus the Messiah, the Savior.  When does He save?  Now!  Forever.  With each day that comes, God provides, heals, sees, saves, and waves His banner of love over us (Exodus 17:15).  We are forever His.  The Great I AM is here, now, waiting for us to accept His promises and then watch your faith work.


Paul G said...

No Tim!
All that is not the name of God, those are all titles and descriptions of the only one God and true God which is Jesus Christ our Lord.
God had only one Name and that is Jesus the Christ, in the Old testament His Name had not been given and they did not know His Name.
His Name was first given in Luke 1:31 and only from that day forth the whole creation knew His name JESUS!

Tim said...


Thank you my friend for commenting. I appreciate your insight.

Yes. The True God is Jesus Christ. I believe in the Trinity. I believe there is a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The reason why I am saying that is I believe there is a specific name for each one. Jesus is God, but His title is the Son. Separate but the same as God the Father.

None of this is a rebuttle for a debate, but just a discussion of what His name may be.

You, yourself, just said the word "God". You called Him this. Is that His title or His name? Perhaps both, maybe. And I would agree with both.

Hebrews call God the Father, Ha Shem. God told Moses His name but it was so unspokable that all we get is YHWH. Yud Heh Vav Heh. Which is what you are probably saying when you said they did not know His name. Jesus was also called Immanuel, perhaps a title as well.

So, in essence, you are correct when you say we do not know His name. But He is called these things especially in the Old Testament so we could know Him. To me, that is a name.

Again, thanks Paul for your comment.

Paul G said...

No Tim, God is not a name, only a title a description of Deity belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ alone.
If you would believe that Jesus Christ is the true God, then you would not say that there is another called Father, but you would believe in the Scriptures that God is one and not two as you have said.
Kind regards

Tim said...


I know where you are coming from my friend. I have been to your site and read some of your ideas. There is a lot we can agree on. The best thing is we both believe Jesus is King! He is the ultimate! All authority of all the universe rests in His hands!

If I would change the Lesson from "names" to "titles" then we would be in even more agreement, correct? And I could do that.

But I ask that you do not miss the point of this Lesson. Jesus is the God of the present! He is healer, provider, comforter, and savior.

If we would like to discuss the trinity or who Jesus, the Trinity, or something of the like then we can. And I would do that as well. Keeping in mind nothing should considered asa debate or rebuttals but discussion and questions. Fair enough?

Thank you my friend.

Paul G said...

Yes brother Tim, I'm sure that there is a lot of things in the Lord where we can agree.

And thanks for visiting my blog, you are most welcome for a good old fashion debate on spiritual matters concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom at any time, I'm not shrinking back from a good debate between the mighty men of God, because I know that all the mighty men of God were forged in the heat of the battle. The only thing I refrain is the abusive language and the insults for insults of which our Lord is not impressed.
Yes I agree that "Jesus is the God of the present!" But I always close the back door and say that Jesus is the only God, yesterday, today and forever, which means in the Old Testament and in the New Testament and forever more and beside Him there is no other. If I would leave the back door open, then there would always be a devil who sneaks in through the back door and proclaims himself to be God and usurps the title 'Father', a title which only belongs to our God and Father Jesus Christ the Lord.

Yes, we both agree and believe that 'Jesus is the King, the ultimate', but the question is, is Jesus Christ 'ALONE' the King and the ultimate, or does He share His Kingship with another person also called 'God' the Father?
Kind regards

Tim said...

I read your posts on the Trinity. I may write one of my own so we can compare our ideas and go from there.

I don't mind debates but on the net many words may be misconstrued as an insult or a personal attack. So I like open ended questions and comparisons.

Take care. I hope to do a post on this new topic by the end of the week but forgive me if I can not get to it.

As for other readers, click on Paul's blog to understand his point of view. http://puritanbelief.blogspot.com/

Paul G said...


Loretta said...

God does have a personal name that is given in the Old Testament: Yehovah.


Tim said...

Yes Loretta.

I agree with you!

In the original lesson here that is posted (71), there is a link in the first paragraph (lesson 31) that says that as well.

His personal name is YHWH or YHVH. His human name was Yeshua or Jesus. And as I stated there are other names that Israel new Our God as. Just like we know Peter also as Simon, Paul as Saul, Matthew as Levi.

Thank you for the link and for your comment. I hope to hear more from you.

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