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Friday, October 12, 2012

(63) Books of Timothy

The man with a shadowed past but a future of reason.

The name Timothy means to honor God.  The books that Paul wrote to Timothy are dated around 64 and 68 AD respectively.  The first one was written about 4 years before Paul's death.  The second one was written the same year as his death, perhaps even days before.  2nd Timothy may be the last words ever written or heard by Paul.  The first letter was sent from Macedonia.  The second one was written from Rome.  Both are probably sent to Ephesus where Timothy would be to carry on the message that Paul was giving.

1st Timothy contains information about church administration and how the leaders are supposed to be picked.  This was the job of Timothy.  It is basically a manuscript for young leaders and churches.  2nd Timothy contains information to equip the Christian worker.  But there is an odd cold feeling when Reading this letter.  It is almost as though Paul knew this would be his last letter.

Timothy was born in Lystra, a Greek city.  Timothy was raised by two women (his mom and grandma) and was taught the scriptures by them.  Being Greek though he was considered "uncircumcised" but Paul had him go through the ceremony (Acts 16:3).  Timothy was young when he started to help Paul.  Paul even called him young in 64 AD which is odd because he picked up Timothy 20 years earlier.  Pure speculation says that Timothy was there when Paul was dragged out of the city, beaten and left for dead.  If Timothy was very young and saw this what did he think his future was about because Paul took him as his own son.  Timothy needed constant reassuring.  His fear would get in the way.  This is why Paul told him don't be timid (2 Tim. 1:6-7) even though he had a major task to do.  2nd Timothy shows a young minister struggling to gain his strength in his spirit.  His stomach was queasy, perhaps an ulcer due to all the things he saw as a child and what he thought his future was all about.  But because of his commitment, he became respected.  Because of his commitment he became compassionate.  Because of his commitment he became an apostle (an emissary).

Some of the main points are:
  1. Don't argue over senseless things, but also know what the scripture says (1 Tim 1:3-7, 2 Tim 2:14-18)
  2. Worship instructions (1 Tim 2)
  3. Guidelines for leaders (1 Tim 3:1-16)
  4. Pauls' personal desires for Timothy that could also be us (1 Tim 6:11-14)
  5. Be bold in the Lord, there is nothing to fear but fear itself (2 Tim 1:7-8)
  6. Be careful with doubt, God is in control, man is not (2 Tim 4:2)
  7. Even when faced with death, fear no evil (2 Tim 4:6-8)
Most of these books are manuals for young pastors and/or leaders who are fearing what they have to do.  Pastors have a hard time because they have to say the right things, do the rights,  and respond in the right ways.  And in this world that is hard to do.  They are in the world's eyes.  Whatever they do gets reported ten times as much or as far as what the rest of us do.  But that doesn't mean wimp out to be politically correct or give into the culture.

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