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Sunday, January 23, 2011

(41) The Greatest Commandment

Last month's poll asked, which commandment is broken the most.  Here are your results:
  • 38% said Dishonoring God,  the first 3commandments
  • 33% said Lie
  • 11% said Idolatry
  • 11% said Coveting
  • 5% said Murder
  • 0% said Adultery, Stealing, or Dishonoring parents
The problem of course is we can not measure this since not of us are honest with our lives.  Hmmm, that almost sounds like Lying would be the number one sin.  But truth be known if we could understand all of these sins we commit do one thing----dishonor God.  When we break any command, we not only perhaps hurt ourselves and/or destroy our reputations, but we may also hurt others with our actions, even with what we would call our smallest actions.  There are no such things as little white lies.  There is no such thing as petty theft.  When we break even the slightest amount of a command we dishonor God.  And this is why when Jesus was asked what is the greatest command, He answered  with, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.  He wrapped up all ten commands into two and above all said the Lord comes first.

But this is also why He said that all fall short of the glory of God.  He knows we sin.  He knows we all do it and none of us are innocent.  If murder can come from our lips, we are all murderers.  If fibs are lies then we are all liars.  If we rebel against our parents we all have dishonored them.  If we put something ahead of our relationship with God then we have committed idolatry.  If we have looked at someone with some kind of impure thoughts then we have all lusted and committed adultery.  If we have competed against our neighbor to try and have better things than they do and we do it out of spite then we have coveted things.  Any of these in our lives means we have dishonored God, thereby making us all sinners.  We are all in need of a Savior.  And anything besides Jesus Christ will keep you short of any glory for there is no other who can save you but Him.


No Doubt said...

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. He wrapped up all ten commands into two and above all said the Lord comes first."

Ah...the Shma.

My "loaded" question is:

As seen in Mark 12:29-30, Yeshua delibrately "misquotes" the Shma, Deut 6:4-5. Why? :-)

Gozreht said...

I didn't really even notice the extra to this verse at first. I guess I never really paid attention that He added "all your mind" to it. So fill us all in.

hawkssong68 said...

If there are "no degrees of sin", why then is there a "greatest commandment"?


Gozreht said...

Good question. It is true that sin is sin. Why? Because sin (any sin) separates us from God. Everytime we commit a sin we put a gap between us and Him. We are all liars, thieves, murderers. We all fall short.

But then how is there a greatest commandment? If you take what Jesus said and shorten it even more you could narrow it down to one word...love.

Love endures all things, hopes all things, it is kind, patient, you know the words...

Love conquers everything. It is above all things. Without love there is nothing. Love is the greatest of all. God is love.

What Jesus is saying is that nothing matters if you do not have love for God and people.

So for your question, I think the two really probably are not in the same or even opposite categories. Or even perhaps that one is the answer for the other. If one sins, how does one get rid of it? Love. From God. How does one not show love? By sinning.

Does that makes sense?

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