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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

(19) The Plagues, Exodus 7:7-12:36

The plagues of Egypt. Why did God use these certain ten plagues to change the mind of Pharaoh? He could have used anything yet He chose to use these. Most of the plagues were directed at the religion of Egypt. Most of the plagues were directed specifically at the gods of the Egyptians. These were signs to show the Egyptians that the one true God was powerful than anything that the gods of Egypt could muster.
  1. Plague of the Nile turning to blood: The Nile was of course the Egyptians lifeline. A fertile land region that no one else could control. There were three gods whom the Egyptians felt gave them this control. Khnemu was the guardian of the Nile. Hopi was the spirit of the Nile. Osiris was the creator of Egyptian civilization using the Nile as his bloodstream after he was murdered and his body thrown into the Nile.
  2. Plague of the frogs: The goddess of fertility was Heket. She helped women with childbirth and her symbol was a frog.
  3. Plague of gnats and the Plague of flies: These were references to Ba'al. The term Ba'al itself means "lord" but later in the Bible a term comes out of this to refer to what we know today as satan; beelzebub or "lord of the flies". Ba'al originated in the Middle East and not Egypt but since the Egyptian kingdom grew and they were always willing to adopt new gods then this became part of their worship. Ba'al had died and his sister resurrected him, virtually a living dead, where flies would be attracted.
  4. Plague of Cattle dying: These were direct to Hathor, goddess whose form was a cow, and Apsi who was called the bull god. Both of which have too of long stories to divulge. You can read more about them via Internet.
  5. Plague of Boils: Boils of course are a skin irritation that can be treated with medicine. But the Egyptians could not cure this even with the help of Imhotep, the god of medicine.
  6. Plague of hail: The weather was also controlled by Egyptian gods such as: Nut, the sky goddess, Isis, who was partly known as a mother of nature and giver of life, and Seth who was known as the protector of the crops and god of storms.
  7. Plague of locusts: Again directed at Seth who protected the crops.
  8. Plague of darkness: Ra, the sun god.
  9. Plague of death (first born): Directed straight at Pharaoh, who was considered one of the gods.

With each plague God Almighty showed that He could out do any Egyptian god there was and it was He who controlled the world not them. Each plague caused the Egyptians to want to get rid of the Israelites. Each plague only effected the Egyptians while the Israelites were protected by God. Even by the fourth plague, the Pharaoh's advisers were telling him to give in and let them go because for the first two plagues they had reproduced the act. Now they are finding out that they can't do what God does.

There are physical explanations for each plague. Such as sulfur in the Nile caused the river to turn red and poisoned to drink, thereby causing all of the frogs to get out of the river since they could jump but the poor fish were left to die. Since the frogs could not go back into the river to be rehydrated they died causing swarms of flies and gnats to devour their left over carcasses. And since there were carcasses that means disease may have spread out of this causing the cattle to die with cowpox and may have spread to humans as small pox which cause irritation of the skin and boils. A freakish once in a hundred years storm produced hail hitting the crops and making the locust fly prematurely all at once and blocking the sun out, or the same hail storm had no rain but only wind causing a dust storm to hit blocking out the sun. And of course the only explanation for the oldest son dying is there must have been a plague...duh! Even if all of these had a natural explanation, then why did they all happen at this certain time and why the coincidence that it didn't happen to the Israelites?


bossmanham said...

Hi. Not sure how else to reach you. I'm enjoying your posts to the atheists on AJ's blog. Keep up the good apologetic work, brother.

Gozreht said...

Thanks bossmanham. If you do not want this part published I will delete it.

Their problem is sight has blinded them. They are living in the now. We live by faith which has opened our eyes and should be living in the future. They need instant gratification. We have instant sanctification. They have to have evidence to make them fulfilled. We have grace that is sufficent.

Their other problem is they expect all Christians to just be witless and helpless sheep who can't stand with them on an intellectual basis. Well, as nonhumble as this sounds, they found something they weren't looking for. I don't even need scientific proof and I have refuted them to where they can't "win". Although it is not about winning to me. If someone says something bad about my wife, I come to her defense. If someone denounces my God, He doesn't need me to defend Him but I won't sit back and let someone say something bad about Him either.

I'm not really an "apologetic". I am not out there to prove anything. I know the truth. I will try and live by the truth although it's rough doing it. But again when God is attacked by nonsense, then I will say something.

Again if you want this not published send me another comment. I moderate all comments. If you want to talk more privately send one with your email and I will respond. Or I will check your blog and see if you have an email link.

Thanks for the compliment and comments.

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