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Sunday, December 28, 2008

(8) The End of the Beginning, Genesis 46-50

We have seen the beginnings. Throughout Genesis we have read about the perfect become imperfect due to man's ambitions, obsessions, unfaithfulness and pride. But through all of the shortcomings of man we also see that one thing hasn't changed from the beginning; God is faithful and His promises are always fulfilled. Sometimes they aren't done in our timing or our liking, i.e., Isaac didn't want to be sacrificed, Jacob didn't want to be picked, the whole lifespan of Josephs' younger years. But in the end, it all works out for the good for those who love Him. That is why Paul wrote a little passage in the book of Romans 2000 years later:
  • 28 and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose.

The question remains though, if He calls you will you answer like Abraham or run like Jacob?


Justme said...

My problem is not whether I would run or stand - it is am I hearing correctly what He is saying. I think I know the course He has for me and the next minute it seems to be falling apart. I guess I am still farther from Him than I thought. It's a hard thing to be willing, yet ignorant.

Gozreht said...

Join the club my friend. That's why we're in this together.

No Doubt said...

Keep in mind, God gives you the resources to do his will. He will not allow it to fall apart. If it does, guess what, you're not doing what he wants you to do. We need to get down on our face and seek his will continually.

One other thing I've found when seeking God's will, it's not our ability he wants but our availability. With our abilities, we would most likely gain the glory. However, with our availability, he gains the glory. Also, with giving God our availability, we get edified. Isn't it funny how God works?

Gozreht said...

Results of December's poll:
71% say they have a long way to but are trying. Life is hard. That is why we are here together. Find someone and grow!
14% say they are okay. No real worries. They stand good with God. Don't stop. Keep reaching higher.
7% say they are pretty good. Take somebody under your wing.
7% say they are there. Someday I wish all could say that. I hope and pray you are a leader in your congregation or are doing some kind of leading.

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